I am human.

Allons-y! Come alond, Pond.If we burn, you burn with us.I solemnly swear I am up to no good.I'd sooner buy defying gravity.The Angels have the Phone Box.I simply gotta march, my heart's a drummer.Let me be your star. Eu amo o Brasil, sou quase brasileiro. Eu quero voltar pra londrina, minha casa verdadeira. Music never fails to make me happy:Missy Higgins SMASH Vanilla Twilight Jason Mraz Adele Gotye Antonio Paul Fleetwood Mac Thirsty Merc Party in the USA :P Landslide Forget You Charlie Puth & Emily Luther Tara.Buck.T.Alice.Gimme.Shoshana.Chicken.BrycePeople will soon know a lot about me if they put in the effort.I'm willing to give you chances but there is definitely a limit. And for some people, your time is up.Feel free to ask me anything or just chat. Trust me, I'll find it interesting :)


Worshipping the Queen 👑#missyhiggins @salltee  (em Crown Theatre Perth)


this is how i run in nightmares

I’ve never been able to describe what it’s like running in nightmares. This gif is a PERFECT representation!
» http://usapotterfan.tumblr.com/post/98305943429/formatureaudiencesonly-i-initially


I initially thought was kind of silly, thinking that feminism was for women. Not that I opposed it, but just that I don’t really need to take up space in feminism, unwilling to distract from what actual women have said.

But you know what?

Reddit &…





Star Trek Stabilized »

Now my favourite gif.

turn down for what

Riker’s doing the most unconvincing buckaroo eva.
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