I am human.
Allons-y! Come alond, Pond.

If we burn, you burn with us.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

I'd sooner buy defying gravity.

The Angels have the Phone Box.

I simply gotta march, my heart's a drummer.

Let me be your star.

I love my friends :)

Music never fails to make me happy:
Missy Higgins SMASH Vanilla Twilight Jason Mraz Adele Gotye Antonio Paul Fleetwood Mac Thirsty Merc Party in the USA :P Landslide Forget You Sufjan Stevens Charlie Puth & Emily Luther


People will soon know a lot about me if they put in the effort.

I'm willing to give you chances but there is definitely a limit. And for some people, your time is up.

Feel free to ask me anything or just chat. Trust me, I'll find it interesting :)

A 14 year-old boy was recently raped at knife-point by a 20 year-old woman. When the story broke, it was primarily men who claimed he should have enjoyed it. It was feminists who validated his pain and spoke in support of him.

This is why we need feminism.

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"but men get raped too-"


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everyone needs a waving snail on their blog

i feel that if I scroll past this and don’t reblog it the snail is going to look to the ground and cry

that comment
im sold
gotta do it now

i can’t believe the leader of the free world cheated on jay
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